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Nature Inspired Stocking Fillers

In these last few shopping days before Christmas we're all looking for the final bits and pieces to finish off the presents for the ones we love. We have prepared this list of nature inspired stocking fillers for kids and adults, all available in our online shop. Happy Christmas!

Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are a great little gift for all ages. The instructions are contained on the sleeve of every seed bomb, but all you do is shake it, pull the pin, soak the seed bomb in water and throw it on the ground. They come in different varieties depending on the types of seeds contained in them:

- Butterfly Seedbom

- Pollinator Seedbom

- Featherbom Seedbom

- Urban Bloomer Seedbom

Ireland's Garden Birds

This is the best book we have found for easily identifying all of the common birds in gardens around Ireland. This is the only bird book we have in our kitchen and it's the one we go for whenever we want to look anything up.

The pictures are all fantastically descriptive and as the title suggests, there's loads of great advice on at