Working Hard Behind the Scenes!

July 24, 2018

Another busy fortnight in Land for Nature headquarters! A lot of work has taken place behind the scenes planning and preparing for our next steps. Further meetings with potential corporate sponsors have taken place and the feedback has been universally positive, which is fantastic news.


We are still adding as much new content as possible to the website, with work focusing on birds for the last couple of weeks. Ten more to go and we will have added all red-listed Irish birds to the Species Watch.


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Online Shop


This week we have also started planning our online shop. Our aim is to get the shop up and running for Christmas. We have plans for all sorts of exciting products so stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.


Species Focus: The Golden Plover



Since we have been adding birds to the website for the past while, this newsletter’s species focus is on the Golden Plover.


The golden plover is a summer and winter visitor mostly between October and February. The most distinctive feature of this bird is the white "s" shaped band stretching from its forehead to its flanks. They tend to gather in large flocks in open areas, agricultural plains, ploughed land and short meadows.


They typically stand upright and run in short bursts. They eat mostly worms, beetles and insects.


It is red-listed in Ireland due to large declines in the breeding population.





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