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Aerial View of Islands

Our Philosophy


The aim of the project is to develop a platform for long-term sustainable reintroduction and repopulation of Ireland's native species. Underlying this vision is the recognition that there is a need for humanity to develop a more sustainable approach to engagement with nature. Therefore, a key principle of the project is sustainability.

The principle of sustainability is applied in various ways throughout the project including, for example, sustainable use of natural resources wherever possible through reduced consumption, maximal recycling and composting. Equally important is the long-term financial sustainability of the project.


There's a lot wrong with the world right now, and a lot that humans need to do better. We belive that the best approach is to engage positively and optimistically with the challenge. We aim to deliver at all times a positive message about how fantastic and beautiful nature is and how we can all help improve the environment. We also want to encourage people to have more nature into their lives.

Humans are the Visitors

Within the land for nature habitats, humans are the visitors and the wildlife residents have principle right of access to and use of the land within the sanctuary. It is recognised that a certain amount of human intervention in the operation of the sanctuary will be required to enable sustainable operation but this is minimised and used only in furtherance of the other principles outlined here.

Native Ireland

The habitats aim, to the greatest extent possible, to establish and maintain a native Irish ecosystem. Invasive foreign species are managed to the extent that it is feasible to do so.

Education and Awareness

An important role of the habitats is awareness raising and education. This includes both raising awareness amongst the public but also providing an environment within which scientific research can be carried out to understand how best to protect the important species that make their homes in the habitats we provide.

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